A writers dislike of politics and the voting process

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The six best reasons to vote Leave

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Oct 12,  · Yet they will tear apart countries who they dislike; see Cuba. The US has started wars, put dictators in power, robbed countries of their resources, spied on their own people, corrupted their election process, and sold their souls to the devil.

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Ever since I have use of my memory, I do not like politics and the voting process at all. It is because politicians have turned politics and voting into a moral quandary, since you do not know if your vote is to support the improvement of your country or just to put the destiny of the natio.

The share of registered voters who cited a "dislike of the candidates or campaign issues" as their main reason for not voting reached a new high of 25%.

The share of registered voters who cited a "dislike of the candidates or campaign issues" as their main reason for not voting reached a new high of 25%.

from Pew Research Center writers and. The key similarity between politics north and south of the border is that none of the parties is genuinely popular: Scottish anti-Toryism is not matched by enthusiasm for Labour or any other party.

Pick Me! Pick Me! A writers dislike of politics and the voting process
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Why registered voters say they didn't vote in