Afternoon naps

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Why Afternoon Naps are a Sign of Health, Not Laziness.

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Our energy levels take a dip during early afternoon, therefore The National Sleep Foundation recommend a 20 to 30 minute nap to restore alertness and improve performance.

According to their research, a nap of this length will not leave us feeling drowsy or affect nighttime sleep. I am writing this based on 30 years of my own experience of reducing migraine headaches sans medicines.

So, this is a proven method, which can be used by all migraine-affected people, with zero side effects. It reduces the frequency of migraine at. Enjoying an afternoon nap of more than 40 minutes can raise your risk of premature death, a study suggests.

Is Napping Good or Bad for You? The Science Behind a Power Nap

Scientists who studied more thanpeople found taking long naps during the day is. Baby Nap Chart: Learn How Long Baby Should Nap, and How Many Naps Baby Needs.

by Emily DeJeu in Naps — 50 Comments. Watch your toddler’s awake time between the end of the afternoon nap and bedtime – as your toddler grows, he’ll need longer and longer afternoon wake time, which means you’ll need to time the nap carefully to be sure.

An afternoon nap of less than 40 minutes helps alertness. If you sleep longer, Rosekind advises, be prepared to awake groggy and disoriented -- unless you take a full two hours to allow for rapid.

Afternoon naps
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