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The Articles of Confederation Essay Sample

The “Articles of Confederation” denotes the agreement by 13 original states of the USA that was used as the first constitution after independence. The drafting of the “Articles of Confederation” commenced in facilitated by a special committee that was formed by the Continental Congress.

However, the Articles of Confederation in its critical period, tohad severe weaknesses in its legislative branch, voting powers, powers of Congress, and states’ sovereignty which led to debts, problems with expansion and unity, and lack of change, development, and representation.

Although there were no shorthand benefits in the economic status of the country under the Articles of Confederation, the only benefit overall was the tragedy itself! The repeated economic failures under the Articles heavily impacted the Constitutional Convention of and the need for a new Constitution.

The Articles of Confederation Essay Sample The Articles of Confederation was the first constitution of the United States of America. It was.

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Apr 11,  · The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution The United States government has operated under two constitutions since its inception. The Articles of Confederation was ratified by Maryland on March 1, and was in effect until it was replaced by the Constitution upon its ratification by New Hampshire on June 21, The Articles of Confederation Essay Words | 4 Pages.

The Articles of Confederation As the Revolutionary War came to a close, the Continental Congress introduced a new form of government as it instituted the Articles of Confederation.

Article of confederation essay example
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