Cape brandy syndicate vs inland revenue

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However, the topic was dismissed by the Proper on the ground that it did not have most to deal with a rebate claim. In Cape Brandy Syndicate v CIR [] 12 TCthree individuals who acquired a quantity of Cape brandy and blended it with French brandy before re-casking and selling it were deemed to have made a profit from a trade or business.

One can only look fairly at the language used.’ as per Rowlatt J in Cape Brandy Syndicate v Inland Revenue Commissioners ([] 1 KB 64 at 71), approved by Viscount Simons LC in Canadian Eagle Oil Co Ltd v King () ACwhere the appellant claimed that where dividends of shares, in a foreign co were paid to a share.

in terms of section of the Inland Revenue Act No, 28 of as amendedl and in terms of section 11 A of the Tax Appeals Commission Act No, 23 of as amended by Act No, 20 of 2, Ceylon Petroleum Corporation.

i t I! I I Before: 2 Rotunda Tower,Galle Road, Colombo APPELLANT -Vs. 4 Case References Cape Brandy Syndicate v. Inland Revenue Commissioners () 1 KB 64 Commissioner for Inland Revenue v. Lo & Lo () 1 WLR (See: Cape Brandy Syndicate Vs.

Inland Revenue Commissioners4 and Ajmera Housing Corporation & Anr. Vs.

Commissioner of Income Tax5.).4 [] 1 K.B. () 8 SCC Full text of the Supreme Court Judgment: Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan (P) Vs. Excise Commissioner, U.P. & Ors [] INSC .

Cape brandy syndicate vs inland revenue
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