Hk mpf scheme case

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Regulation of state and supplementary pension schemes in Hong Kong: overview

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I have read the United Information. Invesco Strategic MPF Scheme (the "Master Trust") currently offers the Default Investment Strategy and 12 Constituent Funds, comprising the following fund types: equity fund (including index- tracking fund), bond fund, money market fund, guaranteed fund and mixed asset fund.

saving scheme. Coverage of MPF: both full-time and part-time employees between the age of 18 and 65 who have been employed for 60 days or more (irrespective of hours worked).

MPF is the sole compulsory retirement scheme in Hong Kong. Comparing Individual Retirement Accounts in Asia: Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and PRC Yasue Pai* * Ms.

Yasue Pai works at Stirling Finance Limited, Hong Kong Email: [email protected] The paper was first submitted in June The author thanks Naomi Denning, Robert Palacios and Yvonne Sin for their comments as.

The information contained above is for reference only and the provisions in the MPF legislation and announcements by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority shall prevail. If you are in doubt about the meaning or the effect of the above contents, please seek independent professional advice.

Fee Remission Scheme Fee Remission Scheme. Partial or full remission may be granted in cases of genuine need, subject to the approval of the D.G.S.

School Fees Sub-Committee. Views: 4 Our MPF Investment Schemes. We offer two different MPF schemes: BCT (MPF) Pro Choice, a master trust scheme and BCT (MPF) Industry Choice, an industry scheme to cater to different employees in Hong Kong.


Our master trust scheme is aimed towards the general working population while our industry scheme is designed for those working in the catering and construction industries.

Hk mpf scheme case
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