Investigation of water scarcity in singapore

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Revise the problems associated with human use of water in the 21st century e.g. water overuse, water pollution, water scarcity (in certain parts of the world). Watch The Singapore Water Story video on YouTube.

After watching, ask the students: Inform the students that they are going to conduct an investigation to explore how much water. This essay will claim that the main reasons for water scarcity which contribute to human activities will accelerate water decreasing, Environment Issue Investigation Water Scarcity in Singapore much information is researched to understand the situation of water scarcity in Singapore to help to make the new solution more effective.

New approaches to filtration and extracting moisture from air promise to alleviate the world’s looming water scarcity crisis. Filtration is being transformed by thin sheets of graphene, a carbon. In order to deal with the situation of water scarcity of Singapore, the government from the s to s Singapore made tremendous efforts to create a comprehensive environmental management system, including water supply, control of river pollution, well-planned industrial estates, and an urban sanitation system for the whole island.

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The students will learn to be a concerned and responsible citizen as they unpack the problem of water scarcity in Singapore and examine the effectiveness of measures in ensuring sustainability of water in Singapore.

Secondary 2 Science Investigative Project The students will work in groups to initiate and design scientific investigation.

Investigation of water scarcity in singapore
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Sustainable Water Use Lesson Plan – Teach Starter