Pantheon versus parthenon

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Pantheon Vs Parthenon

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Pantheon, Rome

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The Parthenon, Athens and the Pantheon, Rome. By a student from University of People Professor Lisa St Louis Written Assignment 2 for Art History course Abstract This essay will describe the function and style of the Parthenon in Athens and Pantheon in Rome.

It will compare and contrast both the. Second, the Pantheon borrows much of its exterior design from traditional Greek temples such as the Parthenon. Third, both were used 8 columns to support a pediment. Final, both have faced some destruction and rebuilding, and both were used as churches during the middle ages.

The Pantheon is far more advanced architecturally and structurally than the Parthenon, like comparing a Gothic cathedral to a modern skyscraper in some sense.

Pantheon vs. Parthenon Essay

Also unlike the Parthenon the Pantheon survives almost intact to this day, a function both of it superior. Free term papers & essays - Pantheon vs Parthenon, Architecture.

While both the Pantheon and the Parthenon are classical temples, the Pantheon is located in Rome, whereas the Parthenon is located in Athens.

The Parthenon, which was completed in B.C., is also considerably older than the Pantheon, which was constructed at the. Parthenon vs Pantheon Romans Pantheon Built in AD Original purpose - Temple to ALL the gods of Ancient Rome Commissioned during the Agustus Rein.

Pantheon versus parthenon
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