Performance of raspberry like gold nanoparticles au rlnps

RSC Advances (v.5, #24)

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Size Effect of Gold Nanoparticles in Catalytic

동일 학술지(권/호) 다른 논문 - Heparin Assisted Photochemical Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles and Their Performance as SERS Substrates metal precursor [17]. Also, while SERS substrates based on biomolecules like chitosan, agar, adenine, plant extracts or hybrid (CTAB and DNA) have been the subject of study for analyte detection [18–21], Au NPs (cm −1).

This article describes the synthesis of branched flower-like gold (Au) nanocrystals and their electrocatalytic activity toward the oxidation of methanol and the reduction of oxygen.

is to quantitatively evaluate the catalytic properties of gold nanospheres (Au-NPs) and nanostars (Au-NSs) reported previously with different size, shape, and stabilizer in our group, because the correlation between catalytic properties and physicochemical properties (e.g., morphologies and sizes).

High Catalytic Performance of Raspberry-Like Gold Nanoparticles and Enhancement of Stability by Silica Coating Hien Mai Duy, Kiouk Seo, Soon Choi, and Hyojong Yoo* Histogram comparing the catalytic performance of Au RLNPs and Au [email protected] 2 based on the conversion of 4-NP.

Raspberry-like gold nanoparticles (Au RLNPs) synthesized through reduction of HAuCl4 by using Brij35 surfactant and NaOH show high catalytic activity in the reduction of 4-nitrophenol and ethanol electrooxidation. The enhanced catalytic activity of Au RLNPs is mainly due to their high surface roughness.

However, Au.

Performance of raspberry like gold nanoparticles au rlnps
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