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Spatial Intelligence Test Puzzle

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Logic Puzzles

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How to mention my IQ. Culture Fair Emphasis Test - A 5 minute distracted test to feel how strong your short term memory is.

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Nor you finish, you can think a nifty mosaic. Logic Puzzles. A logic puzzle is basically a description of an event/gathering/contest, etc.

Using the clues provided, you have to piece together what actually happened. This involves clear and logical thinking - hence 'logic' puzzles. Below, you will find a number of puzzle ranging in difficulty and new puzzles appear at the top of the list. So if this were truly a sequence puzzle, it would be adding no difficulty, complexity, or mystery to the problem.

The problem seems to me to be very clearly two-dimensional- i.e. it must be solved not one row at a time (which, again, is an impossible task since there aren't enough rows to establish anything approaching a unique 'rule' or solution for all instances, if you're assuming them to be independent).

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The Test Tube Puzzle is a puzzle found in Harry Mason's scenario in Silent Hill: Play Novel. It is located in Nowhere. Clue "You must come up with one deciliter of liquid, no more, no less, and pour it into the test tube, the man. Typeshift. Anagram puzzles meet word search.

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Test puzzle
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